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Microcomputer support for all Andalucia delegations.


The Agency for Housing and Rehabilitation of Andalucia is a public business agency of the Junta de Andalucía, which is attached to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Land Management, established in 1985 to be the executing agency for regional housing policies and ground.

The Agency of Housing and Rehabilitation of Andalusia required the maintenance of the information systems that support the development of its activity of all the offices of Andalusia and that are framed within the microinformatic park of the organism.

To do this, we provide a comprehensive support service that includes the attention of first level users, intervention and maintenance on the park in all its headquarters, in addition to specific activities such as the maintenance of voice / data points.

The Agency also had the need to make improvements focused on:

  • Provide a single point of contact to users for the resolution of their problems.
  • Capture information about the user community to detect their needs and contemplate the reviews in each of the processes.
  • Anticipate problems and notify users that may affect them in their work, as well as respond to the needs of users to meet and exceed their expectations regarding the service provided.


The comprehensive support service towards AVRA required the following aspects:

  • On the one hand, face-to-face support.
  • On the other hand, the support services per intervention unit, such as local support to attached sites, support to facilities, support for hardware repairs in the computer park.

Face-to-face support includes: first level, second level (specialized), systems technique in Windows environment and operations (special projects).

In addition to the maintenance of the systems for all the Andalusian offices, other services have been required that have emerged throughout the project. For example, the Renove project that has meant a decrease in incidents, or the change of domain from EPSA to AVRA.

Throughout the project, the relationship with the team and the client has been strengthened, increasing the follow-up with the first and the communications with the second.

The team displaced to AVRA facilities for this project is made up of highly qualified people for the development of the required functions. This team is made up of: a service manager, a service coordinator, as well as first and second level support technicians, systems technicians, microcomputing technicians and a special operations technician.


Successful maintenance of AVRA systems.


  •  Improvement of the client - company - team relationship.
  • Considerable decrease in incidents since the implementation of the Renove plan.
  • Customer satisfaction with systems maintenance.
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