A leisure community aimed at the members and executives of Bidafarma

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We create a new leisure activities planning platform.


With administrative headquarters in Seville, Bidafarma is born from the union of eight pharmaceutical distribution cooperatives to consolidate a single one. Gives service to more than one third of the pharmacy offices of all spain having 20 percent of market fee. it is the second great pharmaceutical distribution cooperative in spain.

From Bidafarma bet on Emergya to carry out the realization of a new platform to create a community of leisure for its partners and executives.

It consists of a tool for the planning and management of events and leisure activities of various kinds. The idea was to create a platform for private use that could only be accessed by Bidafarma's partners and executives, as well as their family members.

It has also been carried out the development of a mobile application for users, so that they can perform all the procedures at any time through their mobile device.

Adapting to the client's needs always with previous recommendations, has been a challenge for Emergya. Given the final results obtained and the satisfaction of the client, we position ourselves as references to carry out this type of custom projects.

Bidafarma for you


The development from scratch and tailored to the platform has been made using the Symfony and Angular frameworks and the mobile application has been carried out through Ionic.

The web has been adapted to responsive, and the mobile application is available on iOS and Android.

Keeping in mind the customer's needs, we have integrated a user-friendly payment gateway for both the administrator and the user.


From the beginning of the project our main concern has been the continuous contact with the client to listen and meet their requests and needs. The study carried out by our department of UX, as well as that of UI, has managed to adapt the designs to facilitate the use of the platform to the users. Always trying to provide the best solution for the client.

A multidisciplinary team specialized and dedicated to the project, has resulted in a quality result. Product owner, Fronted & Backend developers, UX consultants and UI designers, have paid special attention to obtain a quality project adapted to the client.

Furthermore, in order to improve productivity and collaboration with the client, we have used the agile SCRUM methodology process.


A new platform that meets the client's expectations

  • Customer satisfaction
  • High number of records and events created
  • Continuous customer follow-up, from the idea to the start in production
  • Good reception and user satisfaction due to the ease of use of the platform and the mobile application
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