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Micro-training platform for teachers

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EduPills is an intelligent platform for micro-training for teachers who wish to acquire digital skills efficiently and quickly, according to the areas of the common framework of digital competence teaching 2017 of INTEF.


An innovative micro-training platform within the framework of Digital competences

Edupills promotes a modern way for the self-training of teachers based on the digital framework mentioned above: user friendly and at the same time flexible when publishing new content.

The main goal was to create a platform which didn’t exist in the market and allowed:

  • Students: To provide training “pills” that could be “consumed” in short intervals of time, giving users the possibility to optimise and take advantage of the little free time we have daily when on public transport, in waiting rooms, etc.

  • Teachers: Generate simple, agile and flexible “smart pills” with an user-friendly interface.
Caso de éxito Edupills


Open Source web & mobile estructure.


Digital environment that allows the generation and consumption of “educational pills”.

A content manager system which allows the creation and management of dynamic content “pills”. This manager is multiplatform and allows the user to create the “pills” in a way that adapts to the users’ needs.

Hybrid application for mobile devices, iOS and Android, covering 97% of users in Spain.



  • Easy and flexible management of “pills” and activities (YES / NO, Table, Puzzle, Slide, True / False, etc.)


  • “Pills” according to skills.

  • Concept of micro-training while on the move.

  • Concept of interaction sharing achievements and managing self-training.


The digital environment consists of a non-relational database in MongoDB and Spring MVC request handler and managing security through Spring Security and JSON (JSON Web Token).

The user interface is built using Angular2 and WebPack. Spring Rest services are exposed to be consumed through mobile applications. These hybrid mobile applications are built using IONIC 2.


Great interest and success within the educational communityIn its first month the application had thousands of downloads, and many positive reviews in the iOS and Android markets.

Edupills has won the “Open Award 2017: The most innovate application” prize.

The user feedback has been very positive which can be seen by the comments in the iOS and Android markets:

✔ More than 6,000 downloads in just one month.

✔ 4.3 / 5 rating on Google Play.

✔ 4.8 / 5 rating on the Apple Store.

EduPills breaks in the education sector with thousands of downloads in a few hours, to access this dynamic and flexible application of micro-training.
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