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We made the new e-commerce for Tigo, innovative but at the same time simple for the user.


Millicom International Cellular S.A, is a mobile telephone operator operating under the Tigo Commercial Brand, acting also in London and Miami and with presence in Latin America and África. Its central offices are located in Luxembourg. The company provides mobile, television and internet services in more than 17 countries. 

Emergya as a specialist in Drupal, assumes the challenge of creating a new self-management portal for Tigo, with an integrated e-commerce whose objective is to streamline the entire renewal process of both the terminal and the telephony rate acquired by the client.

All this contributes to increasing customer loyalty and making the management and use of the page easier.

At the development level, the client needed the following:

  • Notification to the user to renew their mobile terminal or improve their current rate
  • Management of all user actions through the web
  • Facilitate the use of the platform

Emergya has a leadership position in Drupal and extensive experience, which leads us to successfully carry out the new portal for Tigo.


Following the guidelines and in order to meet the objectives that the client required, we made an improvement in its platform by integrating a new functionality, an e-commerce.

The new portal is based on a system of self-management and warning the user with the purpose of renewing his mobile terminal or increasing his telephone rate through automatic notices.

  • We integrate the e-commerce module in Drupal 8 so that the user can perform the terminal purchase procedures (we include a comparator to facilitate the purchase) or rate renewal. All in one place and in a faster and simpler way.
  • The portal uses REST APIs to consult the offer of new plans, product prices, warehouse inventory, generate the order, generate request of the transport agency, generate sales receipt and card payment.

A key factor in the success of this project has been the successful implementation of an agile methodology based on SCRUM.

Thanks to this we have maintained a constant and fluid communication with the client and we have carried out the development of the project more efficiently.

We have also made use of the agile QA since the beginning, carrying out a Test Plan for the new functionalities.


Simplicity and self-management for the user influence the increase in sales.

We implement key changes, which imply an increase in traffic and conversions:

  • Possibility of renewal and purchase of products through the portal.
  • Wide commercial offer within the portal, with the possibility of contracting services and products.
  • Improvement of web usability and as a consequence, decrease in the bounce rate.
  • Improvement of the experience and user satisfaction.
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