Jul 13, 2018

Front-end Tech Lead

We keep expanding our teams! This time we are looking for a person to take the position of technical tech leader with 5-10 years of experience in both web solutions development and international software development tech management. As an experienced developer, you are familiar with understanding…
Jun 22, 2018

Front-end Senior Web Developer

We are hiring! For a new project we are looking for an experienced web developer with experience in front-end technologies. This person would participate in an innovative and international project. Language skills, in particular English, are particularly valued.  
Jun 14, 2018

Digital Product Owner

In Emergya we are looking for a person to join us as a Product Owner to work on national and international digital projects, from our headquarters in Seville.  We are looking for someone who is fluent in English, has Agile concerns and experience as a Product Owner, but we will also value previous…
Dec 5, 2017

Drupal Senior Developer/Architect

In Emergya we have an important Drupal culture. We invite you to check our Drupal profile here, where you can find Drupal projects supported, core issues and some talks and presentations.  Two years ago, we launched our own Drupal Brand (La Drupalera) and we became the greatest Drupal brand in…
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