Certify the training with digital badges.

What is EBADGES?

EBADGES is Emergya's digital insignia platform that allows you to certify the training of your students. It also acts as a digital insignia backpack.
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EBADGES is the platform that allows you to assign digital badges to your students, and in which they store their badges.

In this way, you will motivate participation in a learning activity such as taking a course.

Badge backpack
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Digital insignia backpack

With EBADGES, students store and manage their digital badges, obtained through recognition of the acquisition of competencies, skills, courses, or any learning or training activity.

Unique and personalized
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Each badge is unique and personalized


Each badge has a unique identifier that guarantees a transparent issue and reception of badges. It is also compatible with Mozilla Open Badges (Badgr) so that you can import your obtained badges.

How does it work?



Integrate EBADGES with your online course platform.

You will be an administrator on the platform. Register and create your profile.


Create digital badges for the corresponding course, so that they are awarded at the end of the course.

It also assigns badges to users who have achieved an achievement or learning activity.


Manage your badges and students.

You will motivate learning with accrediting recognition.

Gamification and motivation

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  • Encourage participation in training activities, motivating users with the achievement of badges.
  • Reward the users of the application for learning and passing courses or training activities.
  • Thanks to the badges you can also assess the personal skills of your students or users of the platform.
  • You can also promote and motivate the team work.

Advantages for users

If you need to certify your students' learning, or courses they have taken or skills they have acquired, EBADGES is your best option.
Recognition of training and learning
It grants certifications in the form of digital badges for the recognition of the completion of a course or acquisition of skills.
They get their degrees without paperwork
Saves money, time and administrative costs associated with the need to obtain a paper degree. With digital badges we eliminate all this procedure.
Helps to find a job and highlight knowledge
The ability to share badges on the social media profile, as well as on the resume, encourages users to seek employment.

Premium Features

We offer you our services so that you can choose the most suitable for your needs.

We customize the application with the corporate colors and logo


We help you with maintenance and installation

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