The revolution for online training

What is EMOOC?

EMOOC is the platform for massive and open online courses (MOOCs), based on Open edX and focused on online and collaborative training among students.
Online Platform
emooc online

Online courses platform, the definitive solution

EMOOC is the solution for online training.

It offers users a wide variety of courses tailored to their needs, with which they can continue their online training.

emooc ease

Study wherever you want, study at your own pace

Students can take courses anytime, anywhere.

In addition, teachers will have the possibility of monitoring students in each course.

emooc adaptación

Complement and adapt your platform

It has complementary modules to adapt them to your needs: more detailed analysis of students and courses, paid courses and a virtual classroom for teachers and students to take their classes online.

The MOOC platform based on Open edX

If you are looking for a platform for online training for your students, EMOOC is your comprehensive learning solution.

Innovate in education, offering flexibility to your students, as well as a wide offer of studies and personalized training with EMOOC.

How does it work?


Create courses for your students, adapting it to their needs.



Add content and exercises of various kinds to the courses.



Create MOOC courses for your students and assign completion dates and activities to complete them.

Adapted training



  • Create different types of exercises such as: text, video, PDF, links to the discussion forum, conditional exercises, exercises that can be evaluated by peers, and a long etc.
  • Having a virtual classroom module gives you the possibility to take classes online and complement your subjects with courses.
  • You will be able to obtain analytics of the courses to monitor and evaluate the students, which can be expanded with the Insights module.


Advantages of using EMOOC

If you want to offer training adapted to new learning trends, with flexible hours, virtual classes and user monitoring, EMOOC is your best option.
Forums for users
Users of the platform will have access to a forum where they can ask questions about the courses, or talk about a specific topic to discuss.
Portfolio functionality
This is a novelty in an online course platform. It consists of the students sharing their web links (YouTube videos, any url) and then the contents are displayed in a section in an orderly manner.
Studio tool for creating courses.
The Open edX studio tool is the simplest tool for creating courses. Just add the content that best suits your needs using a simple intuitive and user-centric tool.
Platform based on Open edX
Thanks to our platform, your students will be able to achieve new competences, because they will choose between different kinds of courses.
emooc deepwise

Deepwise module

It is a Premium complement that we can add to our EMOOC platform. It is unique in the market, and adds the following characteristics:
Course recommendation system based on the tastes and preferences of the students.
Adaptive learning system, in which the student will learn with materials adapted to their rhythm and abilities depending on their classification in the Gardner intelligences.
In addition, it uses an intelligent agent that allows it to "understand natural language" and answer questions that the student asks both in the forums and in the chatbot.

Premium Features

We offer you our services so that you can choose the most suitable for your needs.


We customize the application with the corporate colors and logo


We help you with maintenance and installation

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Badge creation and assignment platform

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