Innovate in learning with microtraining pills.


EPILLS is the Emergya micro formation App focused on the training and learning of your students.
What is it?

What is it?


Is an intelligent micro formation platform for the quick, easy and effective development of skills and competences through a mobile application that uses innovative training techniques thanks to its technical and functional architecture.

What is it for?
epills para que sirve

What is it for?

  • Epills allows users to consume smart micro formation pills (micro-courses) at 10 or 15 minute intervals, acquiring skills, abilities or knowledge quickly and easily.
  • Our platform contains a Smart Content Manager (CMS) with a simple and fast operation, without the need of any previous experience.
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  • Formative pills offer micro formation in an effective way.
  • Encourage the development of skills and competencies of your students or workers.
  • Easy and fast training, with effective results.
  • Create training pills for any area or sector and offer personalized training.

What advantages does EPILLS offer to students and companies?

If you want to offer training quickly and easily for your students or enhance the capacity of your employees, this is your best option!
Epills-Aprendizaje Innovador
Innovative learning
Offering a faster and more effective way of training.
Motivate workers or students
Through gamification you will motivate users. Promoting competition, awarding experience levels and medals.
Epills-Desarrollo competencias
Skill development
Encourages the development of communication skills, proactivity, empathy and persuasion, improving productivity in your company.
Training in a specific area
Satisfy the needs of every single person.

How does it work?

Access to the platform

Access to the platform as administrator. In it you will have all the information and tools.

Create and assign pills

Create a microtraining pill and assign it to the corresponding category.

Publish them on the platform

Once published, it can be consumed by the users of the application. You can edit it when necessary.


We put our services at your disposal to make use of them as you see fit.

We offer you the option to customize the application with your company logo and corporate colours.


We adapt to your needs, through different plans and product options.


You can hire a maintenance and installation service suitable for the needs of your business.

Complete EPILLS with...

Certifying learning with digital badges for application users.

Expanding the training of your students with your Mooc course platform.
We want to help you achieve your digital objectives. Let's talk!
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