It plans, organizes and shares experiences.


EPLANNER is an online platform that allows you to create, plan and manage all kinds of events and activities.
What is it?

What is it?

  • EPLANNER allows you to create, plan and manage events or activities of all kinds, leisure and professional.
  • All the information and planning is managed on the platform, which saves you time and management costs. With it, you will create extraordinary experiences for your attendees.
What is it for?
para que sirve eplanner

What is it for?

  • With EPLANNER you can have your own platform for private use, limiting the number of attendees to workers in your company, family and friends.
  • Create as many events as you want and promote social relationships in your company.
  • Manage and administer in an orderly manner all the activities you want to organize.
  • Save time, management and costs when organizing an event, having everything organized on the platform.


  • Simple platform for both the administrator and the user.
  • It can also be used for the field of professional events, conventions, conferences, congresses, among others.
  • Plan unlimited events.
  • Online payment platform option for attendees.
  • Mobile application available for attendees to register easily.

What advantages does Eplanner give to users?

If you want to organize events or entertainment activities fast and easily for your employees or if you are an event organizing company to any entertainment activity, trips, etc, this is your best option!
Motivation for your workers
Improving the work environment and motivation, favoring social relationships within the company.
Eplanner-Nuevas Experiencias
New experiences
They facilitate meetings between people who share common interests and also allow users to carry out activities and live new experiences.
Eplanner-Relaciones personales
Different options of activities
Users can perform activities of various kinds, choosing the one that best suits their needs.
Ease to use
The platform is very easy and intuitive for users, when they register and make a payment.

How does it work?

Easy full access

Access to the platform as an admin. Once logged in, you will have every information and tools.

Create and plan your events

Create an event and activity and assign a date and description. Publish on the platform.

Manage events and users

Manage registered users and edit events. Organize waiting and participants lists.


We put our services at your disposal to make use of them as you see fit.

We offer you the option to customize the application with your company logo and corporate colors.


We adapt to your needs, through different plans and product options.


You can hire a maintenance and installation service suitable for the needs of your business.

We want to help you achieve your digital objectives. Let's talk!
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