We research making use of future technologies to solve present problems

Cutting edge in IoT, BigData, BlockChain and SmartCities
Our vision
Agile innovation directed to the market

Our vision

We want to develop disruptive business models based on Lean Startup.

We conceive R&D as something incremental, always based on testing new approaches and learning from both our accomplishments/achievements and mistakes.


Our commitment
Structured and interactive development

Our commitment

Our commitment is to carry out RyD projects that generate a clear return, both to the participating entities and companies, as well as to the rest of the social and business fabric.

We are moving away from the day-to-day market to undertake projects with innovative technologies that anticipate demand.

Investigation and work areas

We are focused on two major areas of work on which we will develop our projects on R&D. We review them every year inside of our Strategic R&D Plan.
innovative weave

We create innovative weave

We believe that it is indispensable to generate close relationships with innovative weave, carrying out projects aligned with the business strategy that is the seed to new products and technological actives.

We develop our 'open innovation' with projects oriented to results, next to investigation groups, other companies and technological centers.


We work with multiple technologies, some of which are the following
We want to help you achieve your digital objectives. Let's talk!
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