Platform for verification of achievements in the educational field
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Focusing on blockchain technology, Self-Sovereign Identity technology (SSI), and the standardization and normalization of a credentials model for the educational field, thanks to CertIDchain we pretend to create a system that allows users to emit and validate certificates of any organization (Master’s degree, courses, College degree), both public and private management.

It will be the users who store their degrees and they will have total control of the information they want to show. This information will always be validated.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has gone through cryptocurrencies field and has changed different economics and scientific sectors.
Through our CerIDchain project, we pretend to stir up the blockchain technology applied to educational field, allowing to certify the degree’s authenticity that users have.

Our Solutions

Registo certidchain
Registration and data certification functions
Educational centers and business will be able to verify and emit their degrees and certifications. They can revoke some of them too. Although the management and the possibility of share or not their degrees with third persons it will be controlled by the user.
Self-Sovereign Identity System
considering new functional and business challenges in the educational field. Users will be able to access to their own data and they can give their consent for other people can use them.
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Blockchain Technology
Guarantees that all information that is shared by users is totally validated and has not been modified. In this way, you get a network of trust for the validation of credentials provided by the user and required by educational centers.



The final solution is translated into:

  • Increase of confidence and security in data exchange

  • Educational centers can verify their degree’s students

  • Speed in performing bureaucratic procedures

This project has been co-financed by the Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital, the Ministerio de Economía  y Empresa and the Secretaría de Estado para el Avance Digital inside the aid Tecnologías Habilitadoras Digitales (THD) 2019.

Place of execution: Sevilla (Spain) / Execution time: November 2019 to December 2021.

Total Budget: 556.042€

Project number: TSI-100110-2019-1

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