Internet of things


Internet of Things (IoT)

In three years, more than 75% of connections will be controlled objects by platforms based on Artificial Intelligence.


We research and create customized management solutions in a secure and intelligent way in a connected world.
Smart City Platform
Plataforma Smart City

Smart City Platform

  • We have developed FIWOO, the first smart platform. 
  • Based on three pillars: Innovation (BlockChain), Open Software (FIWARE) and Security.
IoT Security
Seguridad IoT

IoT Security

  • IoT security must be ahead of innovation.
  • Emergya leads an international consortium that develops the fiQare project, which aims to create a standard in IoT Cloud Security based on Artificial Intelligence.


  • Services and ETL process implementation.
  • Data Mining and algorithm development.
  • Machine y Deep Learning.
Smart City Verticals
Verticales Smart City

Smart City Verticals

Through FIWARE technology, we develop verticals to different use cases, inside Smart Cities: smart mobility services, SmartHomes and remote attendance and customized dashboards.




We use the middleware FIWARE to develop our IoT platform, an European open source initiative to encourage the creation of need standards to develop apps of connected devices.

Moreover, we are partners with Google Cloud Platform and we use its APIS as Cloud AutoML, Cloud Machine Learning Engine, BigQuery ML, Dialogflow, Cloud Vision API or Cloud Natural Language.
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