System based on artificial intelligence to measure and assess the quality and security of IoT platforms


fiQare project develops an innovative methodology based on artificial intelligence. We analyze FIWARE technology automatically by using eight axes of ISO 25010 standard, applied to Generic Enablers (GEs) of FIWARE, finishing with two usage cases in real environment and evolutive development of GEs, improving FIWARE quality.



ISO 25010 standard determines quality characteristics that define product software properties in eight cores: functional adaptation, efficiency, compatibility, user experience, reliability, security, maintenance and portability.

The project proposes carrying out an analysis, evaluation and validation methodology through AI to different GEs, that will be tested and improved in a real environment.

Innovative elements

The important progress of fiQare project is the quality improvement of FIWARE platform and its font code.
Elementos innovadores
AI y Machine Learning

Advanced algorithm as clustering, prediction, mistake classification, etc.

Services and font code testing

Evolutive and anthill algorithms.

Error search

We detect the mistakes to assure the quality.

New applications

Deep Learning, Data Science, etc.

Consortium of project

Consorcio del proyecto

Emergya leads an international consortium with Secmotic, TIGA and the Universities of Málaga and Ankara.

Secmotic and Emergya are responsible for the research and assessment of the quality of Fiware.

UMA works on the development of an artificial intelligence, capable of automatically analysing software . Furthermore, they work detecting improvement in code quality.

Further information.

Número de proyecto: INNO-20171027 / C2017/2-2
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