Integrated and smart mobility services platform and sustainable urban transport, that consists in an innovative and technical initiative about TICs, in the Smart Mobility environment.


The aim of PRIISMAS project is the design, development and validation of a integrated and smart platform of mobility and urban transport services.



Creating an smart, evolutive and platform in urban transport adaptive to every user and their specific needs on mobility. This is based on new self-learning techniques and adaptation of the user environment. This is a step ahead in mobility management, under the knowledge perspective, information interpretation and used to make decisions based on actual facts.


Solutions oriented to the needs of different kind of users: citizens, urban transport companies and public administrations, with the aim of making our cities more efficient, sustainable, accessible and safer.
Urban planner (Smartphone)
Personal mobility attendant
Socialization system
Empresas de transporte
Transport companies
Optimization tools of multiservice adaptive routes
Standardization and automation of fleet audit
Administraciones Públicas
Public administration
Display tools
Standardization and automation of mobility research
Service supply based on interfaces and open data

R&D project

Innovation and technology initiative about TICs in the Smart Mobility environment
Proyecto I+D

Consortium of companies

It is a R&D project formed by:

  • Emergya focuses on the citizen, with the idea of offering value services in the urban transport planification
  • Isoin
  • Intelify
Project number: EXP 00083259 / ITC 20151056
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