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We provide solutions to the digitization needs of different sectors.

From Data to Knowledge

FIWOO gets value from IoT data, through intelligent tools and custom apps.
FIWOO allows to connect, manage and interact with devices in real time, regardless of the communication protocol they use. Data is normalized in NGSI standar.
It also allows to import different formats of files, as CSV, XML, JSON, GeoJSON, KML from open datasets.
FIWOO can easily build different types of dashboards that run on multiple devices, offer data in diverse kinds of charts, graphs or maps, show online historical, filter and sort data dynamically, and drill down into data to find new relations.
FIWOO allow Machine Learning analysis of different online and historical data, broadcasting them to alert or act in real time, as well as discover new patterns in historical data, detect cause-effect situations, find hidden insights and create reports based on business intelligence.
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FIWOO has tools for building applications for specific use cases such as: an intuitive and easy to manage software development kit, an open API that provides real time open data streams flowing in both directions, ability to integrate my apps with other services of existing backend applications and an environment where to plug in my deployed solutions and services.

FIWOO to different domains

We adapt the platform to the different.
FIWOO Smart City
fiwoo smart city

FIWOO Smart City

FIWOO as city brain, receiving information from different urban services, analyzing it and making decisions in real time. A new step towards data-driven policy-making. With FIWOO, cities will take control of the city data, using it to enhance people lives.

Politicians will have more real-time information and knowledge about city reality, and could reacts and take more efficient decisions.

FIWOO Industry
fiwoo industry

FIWOO Industry

FIWOO as a technological base for your industry's digitalization. Provision and manage devices and assets. Collect and visualize data. Process and React.

Take control of the production in real-time. With a general vision of your factory, the right decisions can be made, combining data from different sources to predict future circumstances about production, suppliers or customers.

fiwoo port


Takes port management to a new level with the integration of IoT with BlockChain. FIWOO enables reliable transactions in a decentralized environment with immutable and auditable data and applications.

Digitizing the port will get real-time control of what happens, and FIWOO provides the technology to make this possible. Having all the information in their hands, managers will be able to make the right decisions.

FIWOO Smart Home

FIWOO Smart Home

Smart homes to improve home care for people with health problems. With sensors and home health monitoring devices, users can connect to teleassistance systems, creating a two-way communication channel with health professionals.

New policies on care for the elderly are betting on home care. This requires a platform that monitors in real time what is happening with patients, without leaving their environment. FIWOO provides security and reliability in a critical environment such as care, where speed is essential when making decisions.

fiwoo caracteristics

FIWOO is already part of Fiware Marketplace, a global showcase that shows the best solutions and services based on FIWARE technology and certified by the Fiware Foundation.

FIWOO leverages its success in an open philosophy, using the collective intelligence and the traction provided by the FIWARE community.
FIWOO is interoperable and is focused on the needs of the end user.
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FIWOO was born within the European project Select4Cities and has been piloted by some of the most advanced cities in the field of Smart Cities: Copenhagen, Helsinki and Antwerp.

We want to help you achieve your digital objectives. Let's talk!
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