CONIECTO-360 is launched, the platform based on data analysis to e-commerces

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CONIECTO-360 comes up as a SaaS platform to offer customized services with the aim of improving the conversion of users in e-commerce platforms. This is the new R+D project of Digital Emergya and it is based on Big Data and smart algorithms in order to offer the users customized experiences based on Machine Learning.

But, how is it possible to improve and customize the user experience? Firstly, an integration of all of the communication channels through omnichanel must be established. This marketing strategy has as a final aim to come early to the needs and behaviours of the customers. This claims an unique user experience and answers directly to the needs and wants of the users.

In this first phase, Salesforce and Google 360 will be useful tools. The first one is a client manager and achieves to gather all their information. The second one is an analysis tool that englobes all the data. Furthermore, techniques related with automation marketing will be applied. These allow an automatization of all the process which are derivative of this kind of strategy.

Arranca CONIECTO-360, la futura plataforma basada en analítica de datos para los comercios electrónicos

“Once all the channels and resources are integrated the system begins to be developed”

Nacho Montoya, director of Marketing and Product of Digital Emergya

This way, and through the answer of some questions, the machine begins to identify the person, focusing on his/her interests and this lets to study the behaviour.

CONIECTO, through learning, will allow customers to make recommendations which are in a shopping process, offer digital contents and give PUSH notifications, adapted to the detected needs.

This project, developed by Marketing department, has as a final aim obtaining commercial products and solutions.

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