Ebanq trusts Emergya to improve its digital proposal

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The international company Ebanq, specialised in online bank services to small and medium banks, banking entities and others organizations, has put its trust in La Drupalera by Emergya to improve its service and implement new functionalities to its web and mobile app. The company, which is located in Malaga, provides online bank services and customises them to the needs of its clients.

Ebanq has decided to choose us to develop this project due to our experience, previous Drupal projects developed by our team and the heterogeneity of the services which the company needs.

Moreover, Ebanq has chosen us because we work with Agile Methodologies. Thanks to these kinds of methodologies, we are able to optimise resources, thus obtaining the best results.

This project represents a new challenge for Emergya.

“Again, we are doing an international project, where we are going to promote agile methodology. There will be collaboration between teams and, technically, it is a product which is going to add lots of functionalities. For these reasons, this project is very interesting”

Ángel Sierra, the responsible of the account

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