Ecoclim, highly satisfied with its new website developed by Emergya

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Ecopreneurs4Climate (Eco4Clim), an international non-profit organization which mission is to promote the creation of a cooperative and sustainable business, has expressed its satisfaction with its new website developed by Emergya. The aim of the website is to support all activities related to each of the events promoted by this association.  

This project, which began in August, has benefited from the active collaboration of the client, as is common according to practices based on agile methodologies. The result, as the client himself stated, has been "very positive".

The client has underlined the speed and precision of our team, a significant matter for Eco4Clim. Since the next October, 16-22, the organization will develop the 2017 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement, an event that will take place in almost 40 cities from more than 20 different countries. As a result, the web will be available in order to register assistants and enterprises.

Eco4Clim has also shown its enthusiasm about the designs in their social networks, mainly in Facebook y Twitter.

In any case, this was only the first step, as Ecoclim has expressed its interest in continuing to work and collaborate with Emergya in the future.

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