EduPills is now available to download in Play Store and iTunes

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The EduPills project development team has reasons to celebrate. The mobile app is now available to download in Play Store and iTunes. This project belongs to the EducaLAB platform, created by the National Institute of Education Technologies and Teachers Training (INTEF).

EduPills is a mobile app which offers mini training courses to teachers to be done in 5-10 minutes. Every course includes brief information, theory and practise through yes/no questions, true/false exercises and jigsaw puzzles.


edupills app by emergya

This app has been welcomed by the education community and has been downloaded more than 7,000 times in its first weeks available in the market. INTEF has congratulated Emergya for its work in this project.

EduPills, developed in Angular 2, Ionic 2, Java 8 y MongoDB, will gain important publicity in the training week which will take place in March in IFEMA, where there will be a stand to display the project.

Moreover, EduPills has a social network integration (Facebook, Twitter y Google +), so every user can share the content of training pills which have been completed.

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