Emergya becomes an Amazon official partner

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After being working almost ten years with Amazon Web Services, Emergya becomes an official partner. As the Marketing director, David Munarriz, says, this has been a long and challenging journey but, finally, Emergya has been able to get here. “It has not been an easy work, because becoming an Amazon official partner needs previous and contrasted experience and technical certifications that demand study, knowledge and an expert team. Nevertheless, thanks to the effort of our team, we get this partnership, successfully”, David Munarriz says.

The official partner recognition lets Emergya be closer to the Cloud leader and access to actives, training and support, that let us to improve our service with the final client.

As the Marketing director says, being an active AWS partner gives us big opportunities for the future.

“Our aim is not only to have a logo. We have such an experience in AWS and our aim is offering our clients everything AWS have to offer us, related to cost, performance and benefits”

David Munárriz, Marketing director

One of the main focuses of the strategy with AWS will be the Public Administration, where Emergya has a very important positioning.

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