Emergya develops DeepWise, a platform for adaptive learning, based on Big Data

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A new R&D project based on Big Data has just started in Emergya: DeepWise. This supposes the development of a new deep learning platform for automatic communication, based on Big Data, Natural Processing Language, Machine Learning and smart algorithms.

The project, which has a duration of two years, is based on these techniques in order to the created platform will be able to adapt itself to the needs of the pupils in four questions:

  • Personalized courses offer, based on the profile of the pupils, their interests and way to interact (Data Mining).

  • Personalization of the courses, adapting the timetable, the list of topics, and the representation of the contents (Deep Learning).

  • Creation of the educative capable agents to answer to the natural language of the pupils in the forums and virtual assistants. (Natural Processing Language).

  • Cooperative learning, creating new algorithms and a Big Data environment.

The creation of this kind of platform supposes a qualitative jump with the traditional education. Through this platform, the attention is focused on the pupils, becoming in the centre of everything and adapting the contents.

“The learning will be easier because the talent of every pupil will be used, and new algorithms will be used to adapt the learning depending on the demands and needs of the pupils”

Manuel Giménez, head of R&D

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