Emergya finalised successfully the PRIISMAS project

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Emergya has just completed the PRIISMAS project (ITC-20151056) - Integrated and smart platform of Mobility and Sustainable Urban Transport Services -. It is an Innovation and Technology initiative regarding TI in the Smart Mobility field. This intermodal planner intends to promote healthy and sustainable habits, through the use of transports which help to improve the environment and penalize little ecological behaviors as movements in own car.

This R+D project, which has been developed in collaboration with Intelify and Isoin, consist in the creation of a platform of smart services in urban transport. This platform can adapt to any kind of user and their needs. Emergya has focused on the citizens, offering added value in the planning of urban and interurban movements.

Emergya concluye el proyecto PRIISMAS

In order to achieve this, our team has introduced a lot of functionalities. One of them allows the user to be informed, offering alerts about traffic jams, accidents, road works, etc. Other functionalities facilitate the user to check the waiting time for the bus, cancellations, issues or delays.

Moreover, the platform allows the user to configure its functionalities, depending on their needs.

This project has allowed the use of new APIs. One is Wheelmap, API focused on accessibility. Through it, users may check the level of accessibility in the city: restaurants, hotels or tourist sights. Other integration is with AccuWeather. This app provides information about the weather at the point of origin and destination.

PRIISMAS offers a daily raking of the most healthy users.

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