Emergya has been selected by IoT ‘Select for Cities’

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The IoT project, presented by Emergya, alongside with others Spanish companies as Secmotic, JIG Internet Consulting and Bosonit, has been selected to make the first move of the European competition `Select for Cities', which belongs to Horizon Programme 2020 of the European Union. The initiative is motivated by the following European cities: Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Antwerp (Netherlands). Its main aim is to create a platform which handles data, based on IoT (Internet of Things), ‘Smart Cities’ and Fiware technology.

`Select for Cities', divided into three phases, expects to boost three pilot projects in these European cities. Specifically, Antwerp aims to manage city traffic congestion with Mobility RTI; Copenhagen will integrate IoT City sensor networks; and, Helsinki will create a city IoE service provisioning at Smart homes.

Our team has been working on the project and these are the first results: http://www.fiwoo.eu/

The project of the committee, which includes Emergya, has been one of the ten selected in this first phase, among 28 international applications.

The person responsible for the Innovation area in Emergya, Manuel Giménez, has positively valued this project.

“It is very important for Emergya to take part in `Select for Cities'. It is a R+D European project that lets us deep into Fiware technology. This is also interesting because the development of the ‘smart cities’ through technology is becoming increasingly popular"

Manuel Giménez, responsible for the Innovation area in Emergya

Nowadays, our team is developing a conceptual model of the platform. The companies will defend their solutions the next August, in Copenhagen.

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