Fiware Marketplace welcomes Fiwoo, the European platform

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FIWOO, the European open platform that will revolutionize urban IoT (Internet of Things) applications and services and is being developed by Emergya, is already part of Fiware Marketplace, a global showcase that shows the best solutions and services based on FIWARE technology and certified by the Fiware Foundation.
At present, cities such as Antwerp (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Helsinki (Finland) have already started to rely on FIWOO to improve the quality of life of their citizens through the implementation of different services, which are currently under development in order to obtain a prototype. It will work towards real-time management of mobility information by avoiding congestion of urban traffic with Mobility RTI in Antwerp, the creation of new mobility policies with the integration of IoT sensor networks analysing air quality and traffic conditions in Copenhagen and the provision of IOE service in "intelligent homes" to improve home care for people with health problems in Helsinki.
Developed by the consortium of companies  Emergya, Secmotic Innovation, JIG and Bosonit through the European Union's programme Horizon 2020, the FIWOO platform is planning to expand its network of cities in the near future, setting as a strategic objective to become the protagonist of the growing ecosystem of intelligent cities.

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