Procomun, the portal to share educational resources that combines Drupal and Java

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Procomun, the portal of the Net of Open Educational Resources from Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado (INTEF), is now available for users.

This project has consisted in improving the educational resources portal that was already existed. This new online portal lets improving the interaction between users with initiatives as the creation of a net of social communities. Furthermore, with this new portal is possible to get better divulgation of resources and give them semantic characteristics.

The development began in April of 2014 and has come into existence at the end of last year. Our team have done development tasks, putting into service, maintenance work, and corrective and evolutive maintenance. Procomun stands out for mixing Java and Drupal, and for bringing together semantic technologies in order to provide to the portal of Linked Data and semantic characteristics (Apache, Solr, Stanbol, etc.).

Procomun, the portal of the Net of Open Educational Resources

Emergya has lead this project that is exposed as a Amazon AWS Service, doing all the management and coordination tasks, technological support, doing a Drupal web and the statement of all the services. Moreover, our team have introduced an Apache Solr as an information container and content indexingThis project has been done in collaboration with Ximdex and Intelligent.

"This has been one of the biggest development project done by Emergya, where our Drupal and Java team have worked together, getting fantastic results. Also, we have to add our collaboration with until three external collaborators and coordination has been very important to finalise successfully. We are plenty satisfied with the obtained results and, moreover, the customer has valued our work, technique skills and our commitment”

Juan Antonio Garrido, chief of the project

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