We develop an R&D project based on Big Data and Smart Algorithms

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During the next few months, Emergya will lead the R&D project ‘CIPHER’, where it will work with innovative technologies such as Big Data y Deep Learning. Developed in collaboration with Fidetia y Fisevi, this project’s main objective has been to create an intelligent platform connected with our public health system, capable of predicting some possible cases of ictus, based on health records.

“This project, through an expert system, analysis algorithms and Big Data, aims to create a platform in order to reduce cases of death by Ictus”

Manuel Giménez, Head of Innovation in Emergya

Furthermore, the doctors in the UGC Intercentro Neurociencias del Hospital Macarena-Virgen del Rocío will work with FIDETIA, Fisevi and the Emergya team.

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The basis of this project is that the system will receive information so that early warnings can be sent to users. In this way, the support system (DSS) alerts the hospital as soon as a risk is detected so that doctors can take the appropriate action.

As shown in the data, the mortality rate in Andalusia is greater than in the rest of Spain. For this reason, the need for early detection applying advanced analysis techniques is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, this project will help Emergya to obtain the immersion and specialisation in Big Data and Deep Learning technologies in the near future through a smart algorithms application in the health system.

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